Have you started to favor one side of your mouth when eating?  Have you been avoiding just about anything with a little crunch?  If you’re noticing discomfort of a sharp stabbing pain that appears out of nowhere when eating, you might just have cavity that’s deep or worse, a fractured tooth. And a fractured tooth is nothing to take lightly.

While the crack in your tooth may be hard to see, you will likely feel it….meaning it’s time to come in  and have Dr. Shah – your local Streamwood Dentist evaluate the damage.  Delaying on such symptoms can result in a tooth infection because bacteria can travel deep within the tooth, and cause the nerve of the tooth to get infected, which will require a Root Canal Treatment or worse yet, loss of a tooth due to a split fracture within the tooth root itself.

The best solution to avoid these complications and invasive procedures is to fill the cavities while they’re smaller.  If tooth has signs of fracture, you may need to be fitted for a crown.  A dental crown is a fairly common procedure that can predictably protect a damaged tooth from a big cavity or fracture.  Contrary to what people may think, it is not a painful procedure and usually can be completed within an hour.  At Streamwood Family Dentistry, we have a tremendous amount of experience with crowns, and Dr. Shah works hard to ensure your crown fits well, looks great, and protects your teeth from further damage.

Mealtime should be an enjoyable event – not one filled with discomfort and pain.  Don’t wait ’till it hurts and ask Dr. Shah during your next preventative visit how we might be able to help.  If you’ve already been diagnosed to need a crown, then don’t delay.

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